Electorate staff allowance allocation

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When to use this form

This document may be used to re-allocate the level of Electorate Staff Allowance (ESA) for the Electorate Officers in the office of a Senator or Member in the following circumstances:

  • to allocate any unallocated ESA at any time, for example to increase the level of ESA allocated to an employee
  • to reduce or cease the level of ESA allocated to an employee where an employer and employee agree.
  • at the commencement of each financial year
  • in the event of an office restructure involving a change in classification of electorate officer positions
  • when an employee commences or ceases a temporary transfer or period of leave, of three months or longer
  • where the employing Member commences as a Senator or Member
  • where the employing Member is appointed as, or ceases to be, a Minister or Parliamentary Secretary
  • in other circumstances, with the agreement of the Minister

ESA details

The Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020-23 (‘Enterprise Agreement’), provides for Electorate Officers to be allocated a level of ESA in recognition of, and as compensation for, reasonable additional hours worked and time spent on official travel outside of ordinary working hours.

The allocation of ESA must be in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement and the Additional Hours Guideline. Please refer to these documents before completing this form.

The allocation of ESA and expectations of additional hours of work should be discussed between the employing Senator or Member and their Electorate Officers.

If the employing Senator or Member has not consulted with the relevant employees, the form contains space to indicate why this has not occurred.

The Additional Hours Guideline sets out the timeframes for notifying MaPS of any changes to ESA allocations and specifies when such changes will take effect.

How to complete this form

  1. Complete a form for each Electorate Officer.
  2. Senators and Members should consult with the affected employee(s) in regard to the level of ESA allocated to them. If reducing or ceasing ESA, written evidence of the employee’s agreement is required.
  3. The Electorate Officer will receive an email confirming the ESA form has been submitted to Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS).
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Employer details

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Employee details

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ESA allocation

ESA allocation

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