Employee Consultative Group

Last updated
12 July 2022

The Employee Consultative Group (ECG) is a committee established under the Enterprise Agreement for discussion of and consultation on workplace issues affecting MOP(S) Act employees. Its membership includes employee representatives from all political parties, unions and MaPS staff (on behalf of the Minister for Finance).

Anybody can raise a workplace issue with an ECG member for ECG discussion. The issue should affect MOP(S) Act employees generally, rather than an individual employee or office. If the issue is about work health and safety, the issue should be raised with the WHS Committee.

MaPS also consults the ECG on proposed changes to the Enterprise Agreement guidelines and employment policies, and includes those views in relevant briefings to the Minister. ECG members are encouraged to seek feedback from those they represent on proposed changes.


The ECG usually meets every few months on the Friday following a parliamentary sitting week. The minutes of ECG meetings are published as soon as possible after each meeting. Minutes from previous meetings are available upon request by emailing ECG@finance.gov.au.

ECG members

The ECG will be reconstituted once staffing arrangements are finalised for the 47th Parliament.

Employee representatives

Employee representatives will be added once known. Queries can be directed to ECG@finance.gov.au.

Union representatives





Jordan Piggott

Community and Public Sector Union


0428 349 420

Poni Ravula

Australian Services Union



Terms of reference

The terms of reference (see related resources) were agreed by the ECG on 25 October 2019.