Additional support to parliamentarians to approve working from home and leave arrangements

Key points

  • Parliamentarians can approve working from home and leave arrangements to support staff in response to COVID-19.

I want to ensure that you are adequately supported with flexibility to address your staffing needs as we respond to COVID-19, including in respect of casual staff. 

You are able to approve working from home arrangements for any employee engaged under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 including where those staff are required to self-isolate or where you direct staff to work from home. 

I have also made provision for you to grant paid miscellaneous leave (including for casual staff) in certain circumstances, including:

  • If your employee has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is not able to work and has exhausted or does not have access to personal leave;
  • Where an employee is feeling well but is required to self-isolate following medical advice or periods determined by the Department of Health or State Authority.

It is a matter for you to determine what evidence is required to support the above leave. 

These arrangements are limited to COVID-19 related requirements and all other circumstances require approval under the existing arrangements. I propose to review these measures in the future to ensure they are working as intended to support you and your staff.

Further information regarding the administrative arrangements and requirements will be available on the MaPS website.

MaPS is available to assist you with further advice and can be contacted on 02 6215 3333.

Kind regards

Mathias Cormann
Minister for Finance
16 March 2020

Circular 2020/02