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Use of Canberra-based self-drive vehicles

Key Points

Relevant office holders may use their Canberra-based self-drive vehicle to travel outside of Canberra.

Opposition Office Holders, Shadow Ministers, Leaders of Minority Parties, Party Whips

I want to ensure that you are supported with flexibility in relation to the use of your Canberra-based self-drive vehicle as we respond to COVID-19. The Parliamentary Business Resources (Canberra‑based self‑drive vehicle) Determination 2017 provides that Canberra based vehicles must predominantly be used and garaged in Canberra.

Taking the vehicle outside of Canberra would not be prohibited under the Determination provided you and your authorised representatives[1] use the vehicle for the dominant purpose of your parliamentary business and not for commercial purposes. Returning home from Parliamentary Sittings is part of your parliamentary business. In the current circumstances I also authorise claims for fuel and parking costs while in transit between Canberra and home base (where practical and appropriate).

Your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services’ Advice and Support Director is available to assist you with further advice regarding Canberra-based self-drive vehicles.

Kind regards

Mathias Cormann
Minister for Finance

Advice and Support Directors

State / Territory

Contact Number

Ms Deesiree Kaufline


02 6215 3640

Ms Sally Bower


02 6215 1373

Ms Kayelene Evans (A/g)


02 6215 2423


[1] See subsection 7(2) for a list of authorised persons who may drive or travel, including staff, family members or other persons assisting the member to conduct their parliamentary business.

Last updated: 25 March 2020