Notification of Employment Status

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This form must be completed to advise Ministerial and Parliamentary Services of your future employment intentions following the Federal Election/By Election/Reshuffle etc.

Employee details

Employee details



Ceasing employment
Returning to public sector employment

Ensure you have contacted your organisation before you return.

Taking up employment without a break in service with Senator/Member

Documentation required: New Employment Agreement and Proof of Identity is required

Taking up employment with a break in service with Senator/Member

Documentation required: New Employment Agreement and Proof of Identity is required

Actively seeking alternative MOP(S) Act employment, to maintain continuity of employment

Please note that your pay will cease following your termination date and final monies will not be paid until you provide further notice.

Seeking approval from the Special Minister of State to bring forward my end of deferral of termination
Severance pay period

Severance pay period

Note: in completing this part you are advising MaPS of your intentions in relation to a severance benefit.

If you are re-employed under the MOP(S) Act during the severance pay period, you must choose one of the following options as part of completing your new contract:

  • Keep your entire severance benefit, but waive your option to have your previous MOP(S) Act service recognised for severance and/or annual leave purposes; OR
  • Not waive your option, but be required to repay a portion of your severance benefit.

In order to make a waiver, you must:

  • have a break in their employment of at least one business day; and
  • when completing a new contract, make an irrevocable written election that you will not have your prior service recognised for the purposes of a future severance benefit and annual leave.

Before making a waiver, you should note the effects on other employment entitlements and consider obtaining independent financial advice.

The effect of retaining a severance benefit under clause 62.6 of the Enterprise Agreement has the following effects on entitlements if the employee is re-engaged.


Effect of enacting Clause 62.6

Annual Leave

Prior balance is not re-credited as it has been paid out. Credits are reset and accrual starts from re-commencement of MOP(S) Act employment.  The anniversary date for additional crediting becomes the date of re-commencement of employment.

Personal Leave

Prior balance will be re-credited if the break in service is not more than a period of two months. The period of the break in service does not count as service.

Long Service Leave

Prior balance is not re-credited or recognised as it has been paid out as severance and under the Long Service Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1976 cannot be paid back. Prior service will be recognised in calculating total service.  For example, if an employee were to be paid out 8 years of Long Service Leave pro rata and is then re-employed for another 2 years, they will have 10 years total service. They will be entitled to 2 years pro rata Long Service Leave, i.e 18 days.

Maternity Leave

On re-commencement, service for the purposes of paid maternity leave resets. Prior service is not recognised. 12 months of continuous service is required to be eligible to take maternity leave.

Staff on paid maternity leave when they are automatically terminated will have their remaining maternity leave paid out.

Future severance benefits

Prior service is not recognised. The service period for purposes of a future severance benefit begins on re-commencement of employment.

Retention Payment

Employees will not be eligible for retention payments in June where they have a break of at least one business day in the preceding 12 months, including in order to retain a prior severance benefit

Salary advancement

Not impacted by retaining a prior severance benefit if the conditions of clause 17.9 of the Enterprise Agreement are met

Competency assessment

Competency assessment immediately ceases on termination of employment, regardless of later re-employment. Employees are not eligible for competency assessment where they have a break of at least one business day in the preceding 12 months.

Prior service recognition
Pursuant to clause 62.6 I understand the effect of retaining a severance benefit on my entitlements.
I understand that I will be required to repay a portion of my severance benefit if I am re-employed during my severance pay period.
Final Entitlements

Final Entitlements

For assistance see the Final Entitlements Estimator

PLEASE NOTE: MaPS anticipates paying your final monies within two pay periods of your cessation date.  MaPS will advise you if it is unable to meet this timeframe.

Bank Details
Contact details after cessation

Contact details after cessation

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that:


Privacy Collection Notice: The Department of Finance (the Department) uses and discloses personal information collected in this form to facilitate the administration of the parliamentary business resources framework, and for employment purposes including to facilitate the management of your employment and for workforce planning purposes. The Department handles your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Personal and sensitive information may be disclosed to your employing Parliamentarian or other third party entities relevant to your employment, for workforce planning purpose or for improving culture in Commonwealth Parliamentary workplaces, including, but not limited to, the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA), the Department of Parliamentary Services, the Parliamentary Workplace Support Service (PWSS), or will be disclosed as otherwise authorised or required by law. Details of the related expenditure may be tabled in Parliament, published on the Department’s website, or provided to the Special Minister of State, IPEA, or publicly, as authorised by law. More information is available at