Advertising positions and interviews

Last updated
28 June 2021

You can advertise vacant positions through online recruitment advertisements, print media advertisements, or, at your cost, through private employment agencies.

For assistance with advertising vacant positions, contact MaPS Help Desk.

It is important employees have a sound understanding of the tasks, skills, capabilities, qualifications and experience required for their position. A position description should be available for potential employees to review prior to being engaged.

Online recruitment advertisements

Parliamentarians can use an online recruitment site to advertise ongoing vacant positions.

You may place up to three ads for each vacant Electorate Officer position and up to four ads for each vacant Personal Employee position.

MaPS will organise the placement of online ads within five working days of receiving the request and can make payment directly to the supplier on behalf of parliamentarians. Alternatively, parliamentarians can arrange the placement of the online ad and seek reimbursement from MaPS through MaPS Help Desk.

Advertising samples (see related resources) may help in developing content.

Print media advertisements

Parliamentarians who want to advertise a vacant position through print media can:

  • claim the cost of the advertisement as an office expense (it must meet the requirements specified in the Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017, you can seek a pre-print assessment of the advertisement)
  • pay for the ad personally.

Advertising samples (see related resources) may help in developing content.

Private employment agencies

Parliamentarians who wish to use the services of an employment agency to fill a vacant position must meet the cost of these services personally.

Travel for interviews

The Commonwealth will meet the cost of economy class travel for any candidate to attend an interview for a vacant position as a personal employee of:

  • a Minister
  • an Assistant Minister
  • the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Opposition
  • the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
  • the Leader of a Minority Party.

Queries about travel should be directed to the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA). Complete the notification and reimbursement of travel to attend interview for personal staff position (see related resources) and submit it to IPEA to apply for reimbursement.

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