Leave in PEMS

Last updated
22 November 2023

Applying for end of year leave through PEMS

As 2023 comes to a close, you may be thinking of your end of year leave. After speaking with your manager, simply follow the below steps to apply and seek leave approval in PEMS.

To plan your leave, you’ll need to know how much leave you have available. Viewing your leave entitlements and already approved leave is simple and can be found by clicking on the Leave Request function on your PEMS homepage.

When considering your leave plans, keep in mind the annual closedown period is from 25 December 2023 – 1 January 2024 inclusive. You’re not required to take annual/personal leave during this time. And, you only need to enter one block of leave – PEMS will not deduct the closedown days from your leave balance.

To apply for leave log in to PEMS then:

  1. Click on the Leave Request tile
  2. Select the Leave Nature and the Leave Type
  3. Insert Start and End Date
  4. Select Part Day or Half Day
  5. Select the Approver
  6. Add Comments, if required
  7. Click Send

*Your request will automatically be sent to your Parliamentarian or HR delegate for their formal approval.

Helpful PEMS resources can be found on MOP(S) Learning including where to locate your leave entitlements and accrual, view current and historical leave requests and the types of leave you can apply for.

This short video will give you a quick overview of PEMS HR and Payroll features.

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