2024-2027 Bargaining

Last updated
11 June 2024

The bargaining process for the Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2024-27 has now commenced.

We will continue to inform you through the bargaining progress and encourage you to stay connected.

The Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement will nominally expire on 5 August 2024. The agreement will operate until a new EA is in place.

Bargaining is conducted in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Government’s Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy 2023

Bargaining representatives are entitled to attend bargaining meetings, make proposals for the enterprise agreement and respond to proposals of other representatives. See 2024-2027 bargaining representatives for further information.

Bargaining representatives

To nominate yourself or another person, please complete the bargaining representative appointment form, under related resources for 2024-2027 bargaining representatives.

EA bargaining meeting schedule

Negotiation meetings have now commenced. A record of the meeting will be published as soon as possible after each meeting.

Meeting No. Date
Meeting 1 19 December 2023
Meeting 2 20 February 2024
Meeting 3 5 March 2024
Meeting 4 3 April 2024
Meeting 5 5 April 2024
Meeting 6 30 April 2024
Meeting 7 1 May 2024
Meeting 8 3 May 2024
Meeting 9 24 May 2024
Meeting 10 5 June 2024
Meeting 11 12 June 2024
Meeting 12 13 June 2024
Meeting 13 14 June 2024
Meeting 14 21 June 2024
Meeting 15 28 June 2024
Meeting 16 5 July 2024

Bargaining circulars

It is important that you understand the Australian Government Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy 2023 which sets out the arrangements for APS and non-APS bargaining. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the policy, should you wish to provide your input on changes to be considered for the new EA.

Frequently asked questions

What is an enterprise agreement (EA)?

  • An EA is a legally binding document that sets out the terms and conditions of employment that apply to the employees of a particular employer.  The terms and conditions are negotiated by an employer and nominated bargaining representatives including relevant unions. 

Why do we need a new EA?

  • The current EA nominally expires on 5 August 2024. If a new agreement is not established before the expiration date, then the current EA will remain in place.

What happens if the timeframe for a new EA is not met? 

  • The current EA will continue to operate until the new agreement is in place. The 2020-2023 enterprise agreement offers salary increases at 12-month and 24-month intervals. This means there is no salary increase after 5 August 2023. However, there is still an increment left at 1 July 2024 as this is before the provisional end date of the EA.
  • Notably, clause 36 of the Salary setting and progression provides that:
    An employing Member may advance the salary of an ongoing or non-ongoing employee at any time, subject to any arrangements that the Prime Minister may have put in place from time to time in relation to such salary advancements

How long will the process take?

  • This will depend on how long each stage takes, specifically the negotiations and approval process. The department is committed to achieving an efficient process. 

Can conditions be traded for higher remuneration?

  • No. Conditions may not be traded off in exchange for a higher salary increase. The Workplace Bargaining Policy allows agencies to trade-off conditions or entitlements of similar value as long as conditions are not enhanced overall, and the trade-off is cost neutral.

What if I’m overseas at the time of the vote?

  • All reasonable steps will be taken, to ensure that employees who are planning to be absent at the time of the vote, will have the means to lodge their vote. It would be expected that an employee who knows they will be overseas at the time of the vote will advise MaPS EA bargaining team to consider alternative arrangements that are reasonably practicable.

Key contacts

If you have any further queries, please email eacomment@finance.gov.au or call the MaPS help desk on 6215 3333.

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