Fostering a Successful Team

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14 September 2023

Leaders cultivate the foundation of culture through their own beliefs and actions and then empower employees to achieve team and organisational success.

The below selection of resources have been curated to support managers and leaders to create a culture of success built on a foundation of safety, trust and empowerment.

Safe and Respectful Workplaces

Everyone has the right the feel safe in their workplace.

The Safe and Respectful Workplaces training program addresses issues relating to sexual harassment, sexual assault and workplace bullying. The program was developed in response to recommendations made by the Review of the Parliamentary Workplace: Responding to Serious Incidents so that parliamentary workplaces are safe, supportive and respectful for all.

You can register for Safe and Respectful Workplaces training here.

Safe to Speak Culture Training

Current workplaces face increasing change, uncertainty and complexity, and it has been identified that success in such a challenging environment depends on “collaborative relationships and complex interdependencies” which are unlikely to occur within psychologically unsafe teams.

Developed by Lifeline Canberra, Safe to Speak Culture Training identifies behaviours and conditions that may enhance and diminish psychological safety, providing practical tools, resources and models for participants to take away and apply in their workplaces.

You can register for Safe to Speak Culture Training here

Creating a Safe Workplace

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The best way to deal with harassment and bullying is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Creating positive and respectful relationships from the start makes it easier to prevent or reduce harassment and bullying. There are many things you can do to actively ensure a safe and respectful workplace culture:

  • Have upfront conversations about expectations
  • Set up processes that contribute to a safe and productive workplace
  • Be aware of higher risk situations
  • Be an active bystander

The Parliamentary Workplace Support Service (PWSS) provide advice and support to assist you in creating a safe and respectful workplace. You can contact the PWSS on 1800 PH PWSS (1800 747 977).

Further information relating to the above is available here.

Supporting a healthy workplace

Comcare provides comprehensive information to support the development of workplaces that promote both physical and mental safety. A small portion of the information provided by Comcare is available below:

Safe Work Australia provides detailed information on workplace bullying specifically, see below for the relevant guides:

Psychometric diagnostic tools for team building

Psychometric tools provide teams with insight into the working preferences, styles and strengths of each member, enabling a deeper understanding of how best to work together for both productivity and harmony. Because of their effectiveness, these tools are widely used across the globe, including 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

There are currently four psychometric tools available on MOPS Learning. Click here to learn more about how these tools can help you to create a successful team.

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