Ergonomic and worksite assessments

Last updated
29 June 2021

Ergonomic or worksite assessments assist in the prevention of workplace injury and support MOP(S) Act employees who may require specific ergonomic equipment.

Ergonomic assessments assist to prevent injuries and support employees requiring specific ergonomic equipment.  There are two options for an ergonomic assessment:

  • online self-assessment
  • face to face or virtual assessment.

The workplace and work set up evaluations ensure the safety, participation and access of all workers in an office.

A worksite assessment examines broader issues in the workplace, including:

  • identifying suitable work duties
  • ways of working
  • workplace adjustments to facilitate safe work.

Worksite assessments may also recommend physical modifications to an office to support an employee, such as the installation of ramps or rails.

Booking a worksite assessment

Worksite assessments can be booked via

Completing an online ergonomic self-assessment

For an online self-assessment, complete the workstation setup and ergonomic assessment module.

If this assessment determines that you require a face to face assessment, a representative from the WHS and Rehabilitation Services Provider will contact you.

Booking a face to face or virtual ergonomic assessment

During a face to face or virtual assessment, a qualified assessor will review your physical workstation ensuring it is set up to mitigate risks to your health and wellbeing.

You can book an assessment at any time. Managers should arrange an assessment for those who are:

  • new
  • returning from extended leave
  • relocating workstations
  • experiencing symptoms of pain or discomfort
  • returning to work following an injury or incident.

To book, contact the WHS and rehabilitation services provider:

Phone 1300 418 288
Web (Skytrust)
After body