Ad hoc training requests

Last updated
08 April 2024

You can apply here: Application to attend ad hoc training

If you wish to access training opportunities outside of the PDP offerings available, you can do so through ad hoc training reimbursements. For example, training opportunities might be one off short courses, workshops, seminars or conferences held within Australia relevant to your professional development needs. 

  • Before applying to attend a course, you must check the course is not already offered as part of the PDP (see courses available in PWSS Academy
  • Training must be related to your duties, tasks and responsibilities. 
  • Training must provide value for money 
  • Training must be supported by your employing parliamentarian 

If your course meets the above criteria, complete the application form online to attend ad hoc training (see related resource), attach your employer’s approval email template and submit the form to the Education team for approval. 

If you identify training or a course as a group (office based) related to office duty requirements or your role, you may be eligible to seek reimbursement under ad hoc training. You can complete an application on behalf of a group through the online application form or contact and a team member will happily assist in identifying if your course is suitable, alternatives to consider and support to prepare your application. Before you enrol or pay any course fees, you must seek approval in advance. Reimbursement will not be made for courses not approved. 

Ad Hoc training reimbursements 

Reimbursement of approved ad hoc training costs will be made when relevant invoices and receipts are provided to the PWSS. Alternatively, arrangements may be made with the PWSS to pay service providers directly. 

Travel costs incurred separately to those included in a training package (individual or facilitator) will not be covered under ad hoc training reimbursements. You will need to process as an additional office trip for training. 

To claim reimbursement, you must provide the following: 

  • Proof of attendance (certificate from training provider, attendance sheet, or confirmation from authorised officer of the employees attendance) 
  • Tax invoice 
  • Proof of payment 
  • Confirmation of the individual to be reimbursed 
  • List of attendees for group/office based courses. 
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