Engaging a volunteer

Last updated
15 August 2023

Parliamentarians may engage individuals to perform tasks in a voluntary or unpaid capacity. These individuals may be work experience students, members of the community or family members of the parliamentarian.

Volunteers work in a capacity for the parliamentarian rather than the Commonwealth and are not covered by the Commonwealth’s workers’ compensation scheme (Comcare) or insurance fund (Comcover) in the event of an injury or workplace incident. The parliamentarian is responsible and liable for work health and safety matters relating to the volunteer, not the Commonwealth. This responsibility includes meeting the cost of any work health and safety related equipment or services, such as ergonomic workstation assessments and the provision of any specialised equipment.

Parliamentarians engaging an individual on a voluntary basis in their office are encouraged to take out their own personal insurance cover and to consider any security and confidentiality factors relating to their engagement. 

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