Preventing workplace bullying and harassment

Last updated
12 April 2022

Building a safe and respectful workplace culture is the most important thing an employer can do to prevent issues of workplace bullying or harassment.

To ensure that risks to health and safety are minimised in parliamentarians’ workplaces, and to promote and maintain a mentally healthy workplace, MaPS recommends that you:

  • ensure that all employees know the standard of behaviour you expect
  • induct new employees into your office by completing the induction checklist (see related resources)
  • prepare a clear position description for each employee in your office and ensure feedback about work performance is clear, calm and regular
  • make sure employees take sufficient breaks and scheduled leave
  • attend, and ensure your employees attend, training on work health and safety, workplace culture, and bullying and harassment,
  • ensure WHS roles in your office are filled and nominated officers complete their WHS role training
  • if in doubt about how to manage a matter within your workplace, act quickly and seek assistance from MaPS
  • ensure your employees are aware of the Employee Assistance Program.

The WHS action checklist and practical steps guide (see related resources) outline more ways you can ensure your workplace is safe and complies with the relevant legislation.

The Parliamentary Workplace Support Service (PWSS) is an independent and confidential service which also provides advice and resources to assist you to ensure safe and respectful workplaces with positive and respectful relationships to prevent or reduce bullying, harassment and discrimination.

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