Parliamentary Workplace Support Service

Last updated
23 September 2021

All staff have a responsibility to ensure their workplace is safe and respectful.

The Parliamentary Workplace Support Service (PWSS) can assist you to establish a safe and respectful workplace, helping to embed positive relationships.

With a team of experienced Case Coordinators on hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the PWSS can work with you to identify ways to improve your workplace and prevent incidents from occurring. If something has already happened to you in a parliamentary workplace, such as sexual assault or assault, sexual harassment or harassment, bullying or workplace conflict that amounts to a work health and safety risk —the PWSS is available to support you. Likewise, if you have experienced or witnessed workplace conduct that concerns you, you can report this to PWSS. The PWSS accepts anonymous reports or you can choose to use a pseudonym. Bystanders can also make an anonymous report through the PWSS website.

The PWSS is a completely confidential service.

An experienced case coordinator can have a confidential conversation with you about what has happened and provide you with support and advice on your options. This may include counselling or referral to specialised support services, or – if you want to - PWSS may assist you to make a report to the police, or they can commence an independent review.  

You or someone else with your consent can contact the PWSS—by phoning 1800 PH PWSS (1800 747 977), by SMS to 0487 112 755, or by email to

You can also visit the PWSS office located in M2.105 at Australian Parliament House, which is staffed from 8:30am to 5pm on non-sitting days and 8:30am to 8pm on sitting days. Meetings can also be arranged outside of these hours. Meetings can be arranged in person in our office space, offsite, or virtually.

If you are in immediate danger or for emergencies at Parliament House, please call 000.

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