Changes to MOP(S) Learning: Launch of the PWSS Academy

Date published
08 April 2024
image PWSS academy

MOP(S) Learning is now the PWSS Academy.

The PWSS Academy will be your central learning hub, supporting you to excel in your role and succeed across your career.

The Academy will provide:

  • targeted education and training to strengthen a foundation of safety, wellbeing and performance; 
  • flexible learning offerings crafted to the unique context of Commonwealth parliamentary workplaces; and
  • career-wide professional development to support you to reach your full potential, including individual and office learning pathways developed in consultation with our education experts.

The Academy will continue to expand its offerings in the coming months, including:

  • new programs tailored to emerging needs across CPWs;
  • executive coaching for elevating leadership capabilities; and
  • guest speaker series to share excellence in practice.

For more information please visit the PWSS Academy or contact the PWSS Learning and Development team at