Professional Development Program and ad hoc training

Last updated
03 August 2022

As a part of the Professional Development Program (PDP), MaPS has a wide range of training courses available to all MOP(S) Act employees. The PDP is designed to enhance and develop all MOP(S) Act employees' skills and knowledge both professionally and personally. You should discuss your learning and development needs with your employing parliamentarian.

The full PDP course catalogue and dates for availability is accessed through MOP(S) Learning.

All ongoing and non-ongoing MOP(S) employees have default access to MOP(S) Learning. Casual employees need to request access by emailing MOP(S) Training. You can reset your password online through the MOP(S) Learning log in page.

For assistance logging in to MOP(S) Learning see the MOP(S) Learning user log in guide (see related resources).

Our courses are delivered through:

  • face to face day courses in most capital cities
  • webinars
  • online as e-learning packages.

Training categories covered include:

  • communication
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • management
  • managing and engaging with constituents
  • personal development
  • HR and MOP(S) Act employee entitlements
  • understanding the use of public resources under the Parliamentary Business Resources framework.

In the event of a federal election, the PDP will be suspended. Where possible, the remaining courses will be rescheduled as soon as practicable after the election, but some courses may be cancelled.

Ad hoc training and professional development

You may want to access training opportunities separate to the PDP. These training opportunities might be short courses, workshops, seminars or conferences useful for your professional development needs. Courses accessible under ad hoc training must not duplicate those offered through MOP(S) Learning.

  • Before applying to attend a course, you must check the course is not already offered as part of the PDP (see courses available in MOP(S) Learning)
  • The training must be related to your duties, tasks and responsibilities.
  • The training must provide value for money.
  • The training must be supported by your employing parliamentarian.

If your course meets the above criteria, complete the application to attend ad hoc training (see related resource) and send to your employer and then MOPS Training for approval.

Before you enrol or pay any course fees, seek approval in advance. Reimbursement will not be made for courses not approved.

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